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About Us

Global Trade Watch is an Australian non-government organisation campaigning for democratic, environmentally sustainable and fair trading systems. Here are some of Global Trade Watch's achievements since our establishment in 2003:


  • Produced and distributed our first film - Squeezed: The Cost of Free Trade in the Asia-Pacific - to coincide with the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) forum in Sydney in September. Squeezed premiered in Melbourne & Sydney in the lead up to APEC, and over 500 copies have been distributed on DVD around Australia and the Asia-Pacific region. You can purchase a DVD copy here.



  • Published and distributed nation-wide the 3rd edition of our popular booklet The World Trade Organisation: An Australian Guide. Together with the two previous editions of this guide - published in 2002 & 2003 - GTW has now published and distributed over 60,000 hard copies of this booklet. More than 35,000 copies of the PDF version of the guide had also been downloaded from our website by the end of 2006.
  • Established our new Corporate Watch Australia project and website at The project aims to monitor the social & environmental impacts of the activities of Australian corporations and multinational corporations operating in Australia.
  • Published People & Planet: A Social Justice & Environment Diary 2008, bringing together 32 Australian non-profit organistions in partnership, and raising over $30,000 in total for these organisations.



  • Launched our "No US-Australia Free Trade Agreement" campaign. In January 2004 we ran a special "ballot" on the agreement, with a dedicated website and hard copy ballots distributed through street stalls and other NGOs. During January, over 11,000 Australians "voted" against the US-FTA using the Global Trade Watch "Ballot". These "votes" were delivered to John Howard at Parliament House in Canberra on January 29 in a n event which received national print and television news coverage.
  • No FTA Email Campaign - In June/July/August 2004, our website was revamped to allow Australians to send a letter to then-Opposition Leader Mark Latham, asking him not to allow enabling legislation for the US-Australia FTA through the Senate. Almost 10,000 Australians used our website to send Latham a message. While the ALP didn't block the legislation, for the first time ever a trade agreement became an issue of serious national debate in Australia, with front-page coverage around the country.


Other Activities

  • Monthly E-Newsletter - Every month since 2003, we've brought Australians the news on global trade and global justice from Australia and around the world, trade-related events happening around Australia and other resources on trade and global justice issues. If you would like to subscribe, please enter your email address in the box at the top of the lef-hand column on this page. You can read archived copies of the e-newsletter here.
  • Australia-US Free Trade Agreement Media Archive - GTW monitors and archives media discussion of the Australia-US FTA. Check out the archive here.
  • Media Work - Global Trade Watch staff do media interviews, write articles and make speeches highlighting the social and environmental impacts of trade agreements, the WTO and global trade issues.


Global Trade Watch avoids government or corporate funding, so to keep doing our work we rely on funding from people like you. We urgently need your support to continue doing this work and to begin new campaigns. So please consider joining Global Trade Watch - your membership fee will help keep alive an Australian voice in the fight for global justice!

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