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People & Planet: Social Justice & Environment Diary 2010 - Out Now!

Want to support the fight for fair trading systems? Buy a copy of the new People & Planet: Social Justice & Environment Diary 2010, featuring 55 exceptional photos of people and places around the world, accompanied by short, fascinating stories about social and environmental issues.

People & Planet is published by Global Trade Watch in partnership with 35 Australian social justice and environment organisations, and raises funds for our work promoting a just, sustainable world.

The 2010 People & Planet Diary is perfect for use as a daily diary, but also makes a great gift – for birthdays, friends or for Christmas. The diary costs just $19.95 (+ postage) - why not buy a copy for yourself or as a gift today?

Puchase your copy of the People & Planet Diary here.


People & Planet Diary 2010

Rethinking Globalisation:
A new blog from Global Trade Watch

Rethinking Globalisation is a space for people to discuss issues and ideas about globalisation, global trade and global justice; to discuss and debate how the global economic system is affecting people and the environment; and to think about how more ecologically-sustainable, democratic and people-centred economic systems might be possible.

We’ll try to post new material every few days - please visit the blog regularly and join the debate!

Check out GTW's Rethinking Globalisation blog here.

Rethinking Globalisation

Global Trade Watch Presents:
Squeezed: The Cost of Free Trade in the Asia-Pacific

Filmed on location in Thailand and the Philippines in July 2007, Squeezed tells the story of how free trade agreements and globalisation are changing the lives of millions of people living in the Asia-Pacific region.

Featuring interviews with farmers, workers and slum-dwellers, the film travels across the landscapes of Asia, from the lush rice paddies of Thailand to squatter settlements perched on a rubbish dump in urban Manila.

A short film of contrasts and contradictions, Squeezed is an emotional document of the impact of globalisation on people in the Asia-Pacific, and their responses to it.

Buy Squeezed on DVD for only $10 (+ p&h) here!

Global Trade Watch E-Newsletter #57
  • All the latest news on global trade & global justice from GTW, together with upcoming global justiec-related events and actions you can take to make a better world is available in our March monthly e-newsletter.
  • You can also find archived editions of our previous monthly e-newsletters here.

New Website: Corporate Watch Australia
  • Global Trade Watch has a new campaign site which aims to monitor the social and environmental impacts of Australian corporations operating here and overseas. Check out our Corporate Watch Australia site here.

The World Trade Organisation: An Australian Guide - 2006 Edition
  • Check out the 3rd edition of our popular booklet "The World Trade Organisation: An Australian Guide". It's packed full of easy to understand explanations of what the WTO is, how it works, and how it's affecting people and environments around the world. Read the guide online here or download a PDF copy of the guide here.

Get Active!
  • Find out about trade and global justice-related events in your state here.

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