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The World Trade Organisation - An Australian Guide
- 2006 Edition
Download the PDF version of this guide here


"Globalisation" has become the catchword of the last decade. But what is globalisation, how is it happening, and how is it affecting our lives?

While its supporters have claimed that economic globalisation is "inevitable", it is in fact a very political process shaped by the decisions of our governments. It can be altered or even reversed, if that's what people demand.

The problem is that the decisions shaping globalisation are made mostly outside the public gaze in institutions like the World Trade Organisation (WTO). Most of the decisions are made behind closed doors by government bureaucrats, and unduly influenced by corporate lobbyists. Most parliamentarians don't know the details of most of these decisions either.

That's the reason for this guide: to open the doors on the secretive processes and to help Australians understand what is happening to our lives, our economy and that of most other countries around the world. We hope that by understanding what is going on, people can make educated choices about the type of world they want to see, and act to help create that world.

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