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Global Trade Watch E-Newsletter #54 - November 2008


1) News from Global Trade Watch
2) Upcoming Events
4) Take Action!



* Introducing our New-Look E-news and our Rethinking Globalisation blog!

Hello again to you, our long-suffering e-news subscribers!

Have you been missing your monthly update on trade and global justice news and events? We've had a short break from sending our monthly e-news, but we haven't forgotten about you, and you'll be happy to see we're back with a new, improved e-newsletter, as well as an exciting new blog called Rethinking Globalisation.

What's new and improved about this e-newsletter? Well, we wanted to make it shorter and more readable, so we decided to move the "global trade news" section online. So from today, interesting articles and reports on global trade issues will now be reported on our new blog, which we've called Rethinking Globalisation.

Rethinking Globalisation is a new space for people to discuss issues and ideas about globalisation, global trade and global justice; to discuss and debate how the global economic system is affecting people and the environment; and to think about how more ecologically-sustainable, democratic and people-centred economic systems might be possible. We’re posting new material on it every few days - please visit Rethinking Globalisation regularly and join the debate!

With this change, this e-newsletter will focus more on what's happening at Global Trade Watch – campaigns we're involved in, events we're planning and actions you can take to fight for global justice.

The most recent posts on the Rethinking Globalisation blog will also appear in each monthly e-newsletter - as they do below.

We hope you like the new look e-newsletter - please email us if you have any suggestions or comments. Otherwise we'll look forward to reading your comments at Rethinking Globalisation.


* People & Planet: Social Justice & Environment Diary 2009 - Out Now!

People & Planet is a gorgeous annual diary featuring 55 exceptional photos of people and places around the world, accompanied by short, fascinating stories about social and environmental issues. People & Planet raises funds for Global Trade Watch – every dollar goes towards our work promoting a just, sustainable world.

People & Planet makes a great gift for Christmas, and is a "must-have" diary for 2009. So please consider supporting us by buying a copy or two! You can buy copies of People & Planet 2009 for just $19.95 each +p&h – or support Global Trade Watch by becoming a member, and receive a copy of People & Planet 2009 FREE!

View an excerpt from the diary here.

Or buy your copy of People & Planet: Social Justice & Environment Diary 2009 here.

* Recent Posts from our Rethinking Globalisation Blog

- ILO: Growing International Inequality

- What’s Wrong with the WB & IMF? – Clinton says “We Blew It”

- Global Trade & Climate Change

- End of Globalisation?





* 2009: Understanding Globalisation: A Short Course on International Trade, People & Global Justice - Monday evenings from March to May 2009

Understanding Globalisation is a 10-week course which examines the agreements, institutions and philosophies of the global economic system in an approachable, easy-to-follow way. Taking an Australian and global perspective, Understanding Globalisation brings together Australian and international experts in politics, economics, law and development to support participants in exploring the complexities of globalisation.

Understanding Globalisation ran for the first time in 2008, and received rave reviews from almost all the participants. In 2009, Understanding Globalisation will again be run in Melboure on Monday evenings from March to May. Please email us to express interest in attending the 2009 course.


* 2009: Understanding Globalisation - please send expressions of interest

This year we're hoping to run our popular 10-week Understanding Globalisation course in Sydney as well as Melbourne, from March to May 2009. If you'd be interested in attending, please email us and let us know.




* Sign-on statement on the proposed “Global Summit” to reform the international financial system

A global statement is being circulated in response to the global financial crisis, arguing that the upcoming G20 summit on November 15 is an inappropriate response to a global problem and calling for a more inclusive and transparent process. The deadline to sign up to the statement is November 13, where it will be presented with the full list of signatories to delegates attending the G20. If you or your organisation is interested in signing up visit


* Did you know that over 40,000 people from Bangladesh are at risk of losing their homes at the hands of a UK company?

Global Coal Management - based in their cosy office in London - are pushing through plans to build an open cast mine in Phulbari, Bangladesh. A mine that will destroy the homes of more than 40,000 people, and threaten the water supply of a further 100,000. The people of Bangladesh are protesting against this new mine and are now urging us to do the same. Please send an email to the director of GCM Steve Bywater to demand that they pull out of this project.


* Tell ANZ to clean up their act!

Oxfam Australia is calling on ANZ Bank to clean up its act after Oxfam's Mining Ombudsman found that the bank funded a gold mine on Rapu Rapu Island in the Philippines which contaminated local waterways and crippled communities dependent on fishing for their livelihoods. Oxfam found that ANZ and the other financiers did not properly consider and avoid the potential social and environmental risks associated with the mine. ANZ also failed to respond when local communities made it clear that the mine was having significant detrimental social and environmental impacts. Make your voice heard.


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