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Food for the future

By Michael Cebon | February 26, 2009

Well worth a look (or a listen, if you download the podcast) is ABC’s Background Briefing from last week – entitled “Food for the Future”.  Global Trade Watch contributed some statistics and opinions to the program.

Reporter Bronwyn Herbert uses the program to examine some of the issues around the global food trade, and the broader globalisation of food and food production.

Unfortuntaley the focus of the program is mostly on food safety and nutrition, from a consumer perspective: “who polices the safety and freshness, the nutrition and additives?”

It doesn’t touch on many of the arguably more important and controversial issues around globalised, industrial food production: the environmental impacts and the impacts on the world’s poorest people – the farmers struggling to survive on their traditional lands in the face of this corporate-controlled, global food system.

But for what it does cover, it does so really quite well – have a read/listen.

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