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New South Wales

Wed June 16, 12 noon - Resurrecting the US Free Trade Agreement: What US business wants from the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement - Public Meeting and Leaflet Launch

The Australian Government is involved in negotiations for a Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA) with the US, Chile, Peru, Brunei, Singapore. New Zealand and Vietnam to develop a multilateral agreement based on the bilateral free trade agreements the US has with five of these countries.

The TPPA resurrects all of the issues that were debated in the US-Australia Free Trade Agreement, including price controls under the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme, labelling of genetically engineered food, Australian content rules in film and television, whether corporations should have the right to challenge environmental and health regulation, and the how to protect workers’ rights in trade agreements.

The Australian Fair Trade & Investment Network is launching a new community education leaflet on the TPPA, explaining the issues and asking the government to ensure these policies are not traded away.

MC: Charles Firth, comedian and writer, The Chaser


Dr Con Costa Vice President Doctors’ Reform Society: Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme

Laura Kelly, Greenpeace campaigner: GE food labelling and crop regulation

Dr Kyla Tienhaara, author of The Expropriation of Environmental Governance: ProtectingForeign Investors at the Expense of Public Policy, Cambridge University Press, 2009: investor-state disputes process

Paul Bastian, National President, Australian Manufacturing Workers Union: Workers’ rights and trade agreements

Where: Jubilee room, NSW Parliament House, Macquarie St, Sydney

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