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About Global Trade Watch

Global Trade Watch is an Australian non-government organisation campaigning for democratic, environmentally sustainable and fair trading systems. We are not-for-profit, and rely on the support of our members - why not become a GTW member today?

Global Trade Watch is a Charitable Institution and is recognised as income tax exempt by the Australian Taxation Office. GTW in an Incorporated Association, registered in the state of Victoria under the Associations Incorporation Act 1981.

You can find out about some of our past campaigns and achievements here.


Who is Global Trade Watch?

GTW Coordinator:

Michael Cebon - Michael is the founder of Global Trade Watch, and has been coordinating its activities since its establishment in 2004. He has a bachelors degree with honours in Public Policy & Management from the University of Melbourne, is the editor of People & Planet: A Social Justice & Environment Diary, co-director of Squeezed: The Cost of Free Trade in the Asia-Pacific (2007), and the author of The Australia-US Free Trade Agreement: An Environmental Impact Assessment (OzProspect, 2003), The World Trade Organisation: An Australian Guide (GTW 2003 & 2006), and Free Trade or Fair Trade: An Australian Guide (GTW, forthcoming). Most recently, Michael has founded - a job-search site for people looking for community jobs, non-profit jobs and green jobs.

GTW Management Board:

Pablo Brait is currently working in environmental policy for an association of local councils. He has a Masters in International Development and is active in latin american solidarity and climate change action groups.

Lauren Caulfield is GTW's Corporate Watch Campaign Coordinator.

Michael Cebon is GTW's Coordinator.

Hammy Goonan is the founder, and a director of the Australian Centre for Democracy and Justice and works for the Health and Community Services Union. He has a Masters degree in Public Advocacy and Action specialising in globalisation, the global justice movement and environmental issues.

Yoriko Otomo has worked in both government and non-governmental environmental organisations. She has a BA/LLB and is currently completing a PhD in international law at the University of Melbourne.

Jagjit Plahe lectures in and coordinates the Diplomacy and Trade Policy program at Monash University in Melbourne.

Jonathan Schultz is completing a PhD on Australia's policies in the Pacific at the University of Melbourne.

Liz Thompson is the Victorian Campaign Co-ordinator for FairWear Australia.


Contact Us:


PO Box 6014, Collingwood North, Victoria 3066, Australia


Ph: +61 3 9015 7667


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